Solutions focused on physical and 3D projection. Objects and artifacts.

Service Name:
C1 - Product Design (3D artifact)
Service Sub-categories: (timing)
C1.1 - Conceptual Design
C1.2 - Product Design
C1.3 - Product Development
(Design Type) Activities:
1. Appliances, entertainment, sports and electronics
2. Mobility and transportation
3. Furniture, rest, interiorism, living and urbanism
4. Packaging, logistics, tools, education and working
5. Apparel, luxury and fashion
6. Health, care, social, emergency, cleaning
Between 1-3 months, depending on project type
Product Design
Awards and finalists:
- Eatimworldtoon (2010): XIII Salón de diseño UNAL. Finalists. Colombia.
- Apotto (2012): VII Mario Hernandez Award 2012. 3rd place. Colombia.
- Shamba (2013): Haceb Proyecta Identidad Award 2013. 2nd place Student category. Colombia.
- Ilú (2014): Diseño y punto ICESI. Finalist. Colombia.
- Papaya (2014): Haceb Proyecta - Diversión. Finalist. Colombia.
- EaDesignWorks (2014): Behance Portfolio Reviews. Best Product Design Portfolio. Colombia.
- Bonbon (2015): Design and Design International Award. Winner. France.
- Hirudo (2015): Haceb Proyecta Responsabilidad Award. 1st place Professional category. Colombia.
- Olli+ (2017): Band and Aid (2 projects). Autonomous for All of us. Category Winner. Local Motors. USA.
- Olli+Avatar (2019): Human Av-Connect Challenge. Category Winner. Local Motors. USA.
Product Design projects:
- Focca (2010)
- Eatimworldtoon (2010)
- Cobra (2011)
- Ilu (2011)
- Pulpa (2011)
- Maloka (2011)
- Karuy (2011)
- Quadhome (2011)
- MH Shop (interior) (2011)
- Apotto (2012)
- Panga (2012)
- CPR 68 (interior) (2012)
- Bakara (2012)
- Cacha-k (2012)
- Shamba (2013)
- Ka (2013)
- Natura (2013)
- Sakura (2013)
- Kitron (2013)
- Jlo (2013)
- Maioris (home) (2013)
- ErgoLab (interior) (2013)
- Bonbon (2014)
- Papaya (2014)
- Tekoa (interior) (2014)
- Mobiliarios (home) (2014)
- Acqua señalización (2014)
- Fixer-Hormigon (app) (2014)
- EaDesignWorks (id-portfolio) (2014)
- Hirudo (2015)
- Uwa (packaging) (2015)
- Mranqia (home system) (2017)
- Olli+Band (app-experience) (2017)
- Olli+Aid (app-experience) (2017)
- Olli+Avatar (app-experience) (2019)
- Snapmaker Caja (2021)
- Tusa (2021)
- Stable Diffusion (AI model) (2023)

A systemic design  vision

Design steps (Methodology) depend on "Subcategories", and are organized basically:

1. Understand. Investigation and designer requirements.
2. Ideate. First solutions, iterations, graphics, schemes, sketching, fast 3D modeling.
3. Develop. Adjustments, prototyping (if is included), 3D refined modeling, technical drawing and final specifications and presentation.

Design Tools often used for this service (but it also depends on the type of the solution and products):

- Design Profile.
Complete brief with agreements and requirements with client.
- References Analysis. Product benchmarking and product market competency.
- Usability Analysis. Activity profile and human requirements.
- User profile. Client-user and market trends.
- Systemic profile. Short Product Life Cycle (PLC) and systemic analysis.
- Styling Profile. Aesthetics and shape orientation.

The deliverables mostly are:

- Presentations and specifications.
- 3D final models and files. CAD files (if are included).
- Technical drawings (if are included).
- Prototype/models (if are included). The models' production will sometimes be included separately from normal quotations because it is so related to what the client wants and product profile.


I create design solutions for different kinds of profiles and contexts


Design is not just about shapes and structures, it goes beyond that. You should awaken emotions, inspire you, challenge, and think differently. Let me create designs that captivate your senses and make you experience design uniquely.


Life is linked to dynamics and movements. From quantum reactions to spaceship tours. ¿Is it possible to exist without the wiggle?


From the caves to the metaverse, from the moment we are born until we die, we inhabit a space. ¿Should we dwell more intelligently?


We are entities that are sensitive to visual stimuli. ¿Are we deceived by appearance?. We should express the good that we have inside.

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